Magnum Shooting Academy

Terms and Conditions

of Firearm Training Interventions

  1. Full payment for the courses is required on registration day. A set of training manuals will be issued to you so that you can start your open book tests in your own time at home.
  2. No Refunds whatsoever once the learner has registered and received training material.
  3. The training is not transferable to another learner; each learner will have a set of learning material with a unique learner number.
  4. The training material cannot be photo copied and must be filled in with black INK. NO PHOTO COPIED TESTS OR TESTS FILLED IN WITH PENCIL WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  5. Each learner must fill in their own open and closed book tests, a family member or friend cannot do this for you.
  6. If a translator is needed or the learner has special needs or special requirements, we will accommodate you.
  7. An appointment must be made with M.S.A to complete your closed book tests and arrange a practical assessment on the shooting range.
  8. Certificates and P.F.T.C. Statement of results will only be issued if the portfolio is complete with all the evidence and payment has been received in full.
  9. In the event of learners attending multiple unit standards over a period of time, then our marking of the tests and assessment turn around period, including certification can take up to 30 days.
  10. In the event of any learners that have been found NOT YET competent or any appeals against the training provider Magnum Shooting Academy (M.S.A), the learner cannot hold payment back for non performance or non-attendance of the training.
  11. The whole training course must be completed within a 12 month period, if not, the learner will forfeit their registration course fees, and have to purchase a new course or pay a penalty fee to cover increasing costs.
  12. Should the learner/s not be found competent in any part of the firearm training:
    1. No refunds will be given, Because of a non- competent result.
    2. It will remain the responsibility of the learner to follow up and book for additional training with M.S.A. for the learner/s to be re-assessed.
    3. The second re-assessment is free.
    4. The only costs for re-assessment to the client will be range fees, consumables and or ammunition for the re-assessment of the learner.
    5. Are aware that the course has potential hazards as a practical is completed on the firing range.
    6. That the course will be performed at own risk and indemnifies M.S.A, and its employees, agents or assigns and hold them harmless against any claim.
    7. The learner has never been declared unfit to possess a firearm, or a firearm been confiscated from their possession or used in Illegal activity.
  13. It’s also the learners responsibly to supply M.S.A with (2) two copies of the learner’s identification document for registration.
  14. In the case of a learners attending additional courses with M.S.A, then the learner must supply M.S.A with copies of their previous training certificates for their portfolio of evidence to show they have completed those unit standards in order to continue with higher level unit standards.

Lost Certificates


In The case that a learner has attended a course with M.S.A in the past and has lost their certificates or certificates have been stolen or they have given the certificates to the SAPS, then the following will apply.

  • M.S.A. can only re-issue certificates if you’re original (FILE- P.O.E) Portfolio of Evidence is in our archives which will be held at M.S.A for 6 years.
  • M.S.A can only re-issue certificates if you produce proof that you have attended the course with M.SA.
  • M.S.A can only re-issue certificates if you produce an avadavat from SAPS that you have lost your certificates or whatever reason.
  • Produce a copy of your ID Book.
  • M.S.A. charges an admin fee of R250.00 per M.S.A Certificate includes a P.F.T.C. Statement of Results for this service.
  • M.S.A. cannot be held responsible for SASSETA’s non delivery of certificates for training which you attended in the past. We cannot get any certificates or copies of certificates from SASSETA as they no longer hold the accreditation for the firearm unit standards.
  • We recommend attending training and complete the unit standards under the new Professional Firearm Trainers Council, (P.F.T.C.). You will then receive a M.S.A. Certificate and a P.F.T.C Statement of Results included, this is part of your training package. This is what is needed when applying for SAPS Competence and firearm license.
  • If the new P.F.T.C Statement of Results which replaces SASSETA Certificates is needed to renew a SAPS Competence or firearm license, and M.S.A has your P.O.E, then we can register you at P.F.T.C and print you a statement of results, we charge an admin fee of R250.00.