Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

For Firearm Training and SAPS procedure

Thank you for visiting our website and making contact with us. Due to misinformation and confusion many people have confusing information regarding the training certificate, SAPS competency process and license incorrect. Here are the facts and the steps to assist you.

Training Questions

How long will the Competence and firearm license take from the SAPS?

It depends on the load they have, approximate and normally 12-15 weeks for the competence and another 3-6 weeks for the license. Follow up with your DFO.

How long will the training certificates take?

When both open and closed book tests, practical’s complete, we mark your file, then we print the certificates for you to collect, normally in the same week so you can start your process at the SAPS.

How long will it take me to complete the open book tests?

This is up to you; it will take you as long as it takes to fill in the questions. Easy

How long will it take me to complete the closed book tests?

It depends on person to person, around one hour.

What if I “fail” my tests?

Then you redo them again, no extra charge!

How long will the Practical take?

Normally we shoot on a Sat from 9am-1pm

SAPS Procedure

The process is a process, however it should be straight forward if you are prepared, share a smile with the SAPS, don’t complain, they also have a job to do. Here are the three phases.




If you would like to download Training Registration and SAPS Procedure in PDF form please feel free to do so via the link below.


SAPS Procedure 2022

The team at MSA are here to assist you, request if you want higher levels of training for Intermediate /business purposes/ Security/ Game ranger/ Tactical / Close Protection Officer.

MSA-South Africa is accredited with SASSETA, SAPS, P.F.T.C and PSIRA to offer all the firearms training up to Firearms Instructor, Tactical Instructor and Assessor.

If you need assistance with company applications or you need a consultant, please email the team.

We are sure that this information assists you with your applications and getting your firearms licensed.

Firearm ownership is a great responsibility, the firearm will do what is asked, be safe with your firearms and always use your awareness to prevent an attack. See them before they see you. James Bristow

I completed instructor training with James and Craig last week. Very informative, comprehensive, and of a good standard. Excellent training. I will definitely be back for the Assessor unit standards. Thanks James and Craig.

RiseAgain01 Avatar RiseAgain01
February 15, 2023

James and Craig feels like part of the family! Great team and training facility! We have had multiple fanatastic shoots! Kudus!!

Ewald Fernandes Avatar Ewald Fernandes
December 15, 2022

Top Class firearm training institution and instructors - recommended for proficiency training for SAPS Competency certification and up to Instructor level and beyond.

Glenn Lambert Avatar Glenn Lambert
April 15, 2023

Best place for safety Training, Awesome people!!!!! Definitely doing my shooting training with them soonest :-)

Narisia Nelson Avatar Narisia Nelson
August 15, 2022