MSA-South Africa Security Solutions

MSA Security Services

MSA – South Africa Security Solutions offers a security service as well as training to clients within the security environment as per client specifications.

MSA- South Africa Security Solutions offers our clients a quality service in various disciplines, including Close protection, low to Hi risk security, static guards, event management and Secure Travel Security.

MSA-South Africa Security officers serve with pride and excellence.

Security Officers / Secure Travel Security / Close Protection Services / Event Security

Asset Protection / Residential Security

MSA Vision

Our Security Solutions are security provider by recommended choice.  In providing excellent customer services with passion, commitment and expertise, we will ensure that all customer needs and expectations met.

We at MSA-South Africa Security Solutions are committed to our values, which have the commitment to success.

MSA Mission

  • To focus on results that are clearly defined.
  • To give maximum value to our Clients to insure repeat business and referrals.
  • To secure our clients and their assets while in transit or in a static mode. Rendering the security service in a professional manner and from which comes many years of experience.

MSA-South Africa Security Solutions

Success Factors

MSA – South Africa Security Solutions believes the keys to success in our industry include:

  • Pay the attention to our client concerns and objectives.
  • Customise the service to the client’s needs and specifications.
  • Our team of security personal will be one step ahead in ensuing that our knowledge and expertise stays current.
  • Ensuring expert in house training (MSA).
  • Maintaining expertise and knowledge of legal regulations and liability.
  • High service standards in the training of our guards.


  • Concern for others.
    • To listen attentively to others, be non-judgemental and open to other’s opinions and points of view.
  • Respect for the individual.
    • To treat every person as a special, unique and distinctive individual and to be fully responsive to their interests and needs. To appreciate the diverse cultures of our Country.
  • Integrity and honesty.
    • That a no-compromise attitude with regard to integrity and honesty are at the order of the day when dealing with our clients.
    • Our Believe system includes offering our security services with Integrity and utilizing only quality officers that are willing to serve with a sense of pride.
  • Results oriented.
    • That all work undertaken is result oriented driven which will lead to constructive and useful outcomes, successes and achievement.
  • Evaluation of the company objectives and staff on a continuous basis.