Tactical Training Intervention

The Tactical training is facilitated to provide you with the skills to work effectively as a member of a Tactical team. This training assists you in recognizing threats against your company, client or its assets, to respond to these threats with the proper skills and effective survival instinct.

Tactical Training

Herewith is the training layout for the Tactical unit standards.

P.F.T.C Registered unit standards

  • 123510 – Apply Tactical knowledge in the use of Firearms.
  • 123512 – Demonstrate Tactical proficiency with a Shotgun.
  • 123513 – Demonstrate Tactical proficiency with a Handgun.
  • 123518 – Demonstrate Tactical proficiency with a Self-loading Rifle or carbine.

* The course can be modified according to the teams needs. E.g. Specific fire and movement – (S.O.P) within a given environment.

Course Breakdown:

  • Tactical course
  • Introduction to ASP Tactical Baton & Tactical Handcuff procedures
  • Krav Maga Unarmed combat

Essential equipment:

  • Each learner is required to bring a suitable Handgun with holster, spare magazines (2/3) and magazine pouch.
  • Shotgun with sling and Self-Loading Rifle with sling.
  • Self-Loading Rifle…R4/ R5/ R6 or LM4/LM5/LM6 or AR15 / M4 or similar Rifle, and spare magazines.
  • Knee and elbow pads, gloves, a tactical torch.
  • You need to bring along: 600 rounds of Handgun, 150 rounds of Shotgun and 300 rounds of Rifle ammunition.
  • Bullet proof vest or a Tactical vest ( Battle Jacket)
  • Note book and black pen- Two copies of Id book
  • Copies of previous training certificates for the Portfolio of evidence. Basic and Business purposes unit standards.

Attendance on the course requires an open mind to new concepts and that the course is intense, that there is a lot of work to be completed in that week; the learners must attend the course with a view to responsibility, punctuality and an energetic mind.

I t would be a good idea to become familiar and practice with the Tactical unit standard qualification shoots, safety on the course is paramount, make sure you are proficient and safe with your firearm.

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