Apply Tactical Knowledge

MSA-South Africa – Application of Tactical Knowledge that is applicable to all firearm disciplines- Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles.

Unit Standard 123510 – Apply Tactical Knowledge


MSA-South Africa – Application of Tactical Knowledge that is applicable to tactical concepts. MSA’s training covers shooting on the move, working as a member of a Tactical team, dynamic room entry, VCQB and much more. The correct approach for clearing difficult areas such as doorways, stairwells and negotiating vehicles. P.O.R


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Awesome customer service. The MSA team delivered top drawer training to guide me towards firearm competency. Safety first at all times, coupled with patience and skill in sharing their vast knowledge and experience.

Kevin Schravesande Avatar Kevin Schravesande
June 15, 2023

Attended Tactical Course with MSA. Course content was excellent. Building upon layers of learning and applying key principals in a safe environment. Application and drills moving through the various skill sets provide a great foundation for further development. Thank you and highly recommended.

Carl Ward Avatar Carl Ward
August 15, 2021

Well done Instructors

James Bristow Avatar James Bristow
August 15, 2020

Had an awesome experience with Craig. His patience with those of us who had not handled a firearm before truly made us feel comfortable and encouraged.

Stephanie Dark Avatar Stephanie Dark
October 15, 2022