Supervise Firearm Training

Firearms Instructor Development

MSA-South Africa has developed Firearm Instructors from many different organizations, countries, including Military and Police units. Our training applies to all persons that need to Supervise Firearm training at training institution, this will include civilian, private and public law enforcement departments. This is compulsory unit standard to be achieved if you wish to register with the P.F.T.C (Professional Firearm Trainers Council). The benefit of this training is that you will cause a conscious shift in learners’ knowledge, skill and attitude towards firearm responsibility.

A person credited with this unit standard will be able to:

  • Organize and present firearm training.
  • Apply evaluation techniques in respect of firearm related activities.
  • Ensure safe practice is being implemented during firearm training and assessment.
  • Demonstrate subject knowledge on commonly used firearms and ammunition in firearm training.
  • Explain corrective actions required in order to achieve set goals within a shooting environment.
  • Demonstrate practical shooting skills.

Learning assumed to be in place:

It is assumed that learners are already competent in terms of the following unit standard.

  • Communication at NQF Level 2
  • Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 3

It is further assumed that the learner will have completed all unit standards relating to firearms that they intend to supervise, i.e. if the learner has completed unit standard 123515 “Handle and use a Handgun for business purposes” then this will enable the learner to supervise only this unit standard “123515” after achieving the unit standard “123520 Supervise firearm training”.


Any person attempting this course should already be proficient in the use of firearms; this is not an entry-level program so candidates must be experienced and proficient with firearms. Your counsellor is not going to teach how to shoot; he is going to teach you how to teach others how to shoot. However, this course will improve your skills, your knowledge and assess your complete performance to be a great Instructor.

You will need to have completed the following unit standards; if you don’t have them, MSA can offer them to you as a complete package:

  • 117705 -Knowledge of the FCA 60/2000
  • 119649 – Handle and use a Handgun
  • 119652 – Handle and use a Shotgun
  • 119651 – Handle and use a Manually Operated Rifle
  • 119650 – Handle and use a Self-loading Rifle
  • 123515 – Handle and use a Handgun for Business purposes
  • 123514 – Handle and use a Shotgun for Business purposes
  • 123519 – Handle and use a Manually Operated for Business purposes
  • 123511 – Handle and use a Self-loading Rifle for Business purposes
Lady Instructors


  • Unit standard Title: Supervise Firearm training (Instructor)
  • SAQA ID Unit standard no: 123520
  • Credit bearing course: Credits 10

This course is Internationally recognized and accredited locally by:

  • P.F.T.C- Professional Firearm Trainers Council
  • SASSETA (Safety and Security Sectorial Education Training Authority)
  • SAPS (South African Police Services)
  • PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

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