Body Alarm reaction

A short summary of how the body reacts in a physical manner. Once your brain perceives a threat to life, then your body will react to this alarm in sections and firstly your adrenal glands pump adrenaline into your blood stream to give you the energy to react to the attack.

Then the fight or flight reflex will kick in as your decision time is now, run or fight and if you do so, do with all that energy you have to survive., Loss of fine motor co-ordination is not needed now, you don’t need to carry out any fine co-ordination procedures, like get a key into a key hole or dial a number on a phone. This can be dangerous as you will need to operate small procedures on a firearm, or get into a vehicle and drive away, loss of fine motor co-ordination can be detrimental.

Gross physical strength is needed to fight, run or carry a person on your back and escape. This has been seen when people are in car crashes that they turn cars back over onto their wheels to assist trapped family in the car. Your body is now a top performance machine and ready to survive things you never thought possible.

The tunnel vision reaction occurs when all this happens and it focus your eyes onto the threat, maybe a knife or firearm. This is not a good reaction for us as we can get attacked from the sides, so we need to break that tunnel vision as soon as possible.

Audible sounds are not needed in a life threatening situation, so the body’s reaction is to shut the ears off. If you were in a School fight or similar, you would never be able to hear your friend shouting at you, “Fight, fight”. Very little audible information comes through.

Tachy Psyche Syndrome is the minds action to the situation, your mind gathers all the information needed to survive and then slows down the mind so that it can give you extra time to react. This is most incredible reaction to assist in survival.

The mind goes into a slow motion movie like state of mind so that you can survive the attack. This movie that has been experienced will always be there and you will be able to recall it like you remember it on that day. That’s why it’s difficult to forget trauma in a Tachy Psyche syndrome state.

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James and Craig feels like part of the family! Great team and training facility! We have had multiple fanatastic shoots! Kudus!!

Ewald Fernandes Avatar Ewald Fernandes
December 15, 2022

Awesome class!!!

Craig Weitz Avatar Craig Weitz
August 15, 2020

Professional and friendly staff. Did my entry level course and would definitely like to do another one with this Academy.

Tania Havenga Avatar Tania Havenga
September 15, 2022

Attended Tactical Course with MSA. Course content was excellent. Building upon layers of learning and applying key principals in a safe environment. Application and drills moving through the various skill sets provide a great foundation for further development. Thank you and highly recommended.

Carl Ward Avatar Carl Ward
August 15, 2021