Tactical Rifle/Carbine Training

MSA-South Africa- This course focuses on the use of a Rifle/ Carbine in Low to High-risk situations and under stress.



MSA-South Africa training focuses on the use of a Rifle in Low to High-risk situations under stress. One needs to be in a reasonably good physical condition shape to enrol on this course. The training will teach you the aspects of Tactical Fire and movement with a Rifle. Entry level to this course: Intermediate Self-loading Rifle/carbine and Apply Tactical knowledge in the use of firearms. Aligned with Unit Standard 123518.

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Did my instructors course with magnum And i can proudly say that i would refer anyone that wants to do firearm training to these guy.

Marchal Morkel Avatar Marchal Morkel
June 15, 2023

I completed instructor training with James and Craig last week. Very informative, comprehensive, and of a good standard. Excellent training. I will definitely be back for the Assessor unit standards. Thanks James and Craig.

RiseAgain01 Avatar RiseAgain01
February 15, 2023

Very Professional, informative and helpful.

miguel0720 Avatar miguel0720
August 15, 2021

Professional and friendly staff. Did my entry level course and would definitely like to do another one with this Academy.

Tania Havenga Avatar Tania Havenga
September 15, 2022