Tactical Range Officer – TRO

This course is aligned with Unit Standard 123517 – Supervise the Operation of a Shooting Range and Tactical Shooting exercises.


MSA-South Africa hosts our Tactical Range Officer conjunction with the Tactical training. To qualify for this course, you are required to first complete the Tactical Unit Standards or are busy attending the tactical training. On this course you will learn how to safely control Tactical Shooting Exercises and how to design different types of Tactical shooting exercises.


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Did my instructors course with magnum And i can proudly say that i would refer anyone that wants to do firearm training to these guy.

Marchal Morkel Avatar Marchal Morkel
June 15, 2023

World Class training program with outstanding instructorship from James Bristow and Craig Bristow. Thank you for your high standard of professionalism and guidance. Would highly recommend MSA.

Vadim Dobrin Avatar Vadim Dobrin
August 15, 2022

Top Class firearm training institution and instructors - recommended for proficiency training for SAPS Competency certification and up to Instructor level and beyond.

Glenn Lambert Avatar Glenn Lambert
April 15, 2023

Professional and friendly staff. Did my entry level course and would definitely like to do another one with this Academy.

Tania Havenga Avatar Tania Havenga
September 15, 2022