Range Officer – RO

Range Officer training – This course is aligned with Unit Standard 123516 – Supervise Shooting Exercises.


MSA-South Africa – Range Officer training, you will learn how to manage a shooting range, and safely control shooters on the firing line during live fire exercises, using proper range commands and safety standards. This unit standard can be attended alone, but mostly used with the firearms Instructor training.

You will also learn about the SABS/NCRS compulsory standards for shooting ranges.



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Awesome customer service. The MSA team delivered top drawer training to guide me towards firearm competency. Safety first at all times, coupled with patience and skill in sharing their vast knowledge and experience.

Kevin Schravesande Avatar Kevin Schravesande
June 15, 2023

World Class training program with outstanding instructorship from James Bristow and Craig Bristow. Thank you for your high standard of professionalism and guidance. Would highly recommend MSA.

Vadim Dobrin Avatar Vadim Dobrin
August 15, 2022

James and Craig are some of the best instructors I've trained with, shot Guys.

Romeo Hotel Avatar Romeo Hotel
April 15, 2023

Hi Magnum Team. Thank you very much for an awesome day out at the range and for an awesome experience.

Cornelius Nyamambi Avatar Cornelius Nyamambi
May 15, 2023