Military and Law Enforcement Environment

MSA-South Africa facilitates this training to the Military and law enforcement. Aligned with Unit Standard 120487


MSA-South Africa facilitates this training to Military and law enforcement organizations. The training includes qualifying in Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle. This unit standard is aimed around the Intermediate learner with other Advanced exercises to make the course more relative to our client’s needs. Please an RFQ. (Request for quote).


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Well done Instructors

James Bristow Avatar James Bristow
August 15, 2020

Awesome customer service. The MSA team delivered top drawer training to guide me towards firearm competency. Safety first at all times, coupled with patience and skill in sharing their vast knowledge and experience.

Kevin Schravesande Avatar Kevin Schravesande
June 15, 2023

James and Craig feels like part of the family! Great team and training facility! We have had multiple fanatastic shoots! Kudus!!

Ewald Fernandes Avatar Ewald Fernandes
December 15, 2022

Hi Magnum Team. Thank you very much for an awesome day out at the range and for an awesome experience.

Cornelius Nyamambi Avatar Cornelius Nyamambi
May 15, 2023