Military and Law Enforcement Environment

MSA-South Africa facilitates this training to the Military and law enforcement. Aligned with Unit Standard 120487


MSA-South Africa facilitates this training to Military and law enforcement organizations. The training includes qualifying in Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle. This unit standard is aimed around the Intermediate learner with other Advanced exercises to make the course more relative to our client’s needs. Please an RFQ. (Request for quote).


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Had an awesome experience with Craig. His patience with those of us who had not handled a firearm before truly made us feel comfortable and encouraged.

Stephanie Dark Avatar Stephanie Dark
October 15, 2022

Awesome place and experience

Maphic Napster Avatar Maphic Napster
August 15, 2020

World Class training program with outstanding instructorship from James Bristow and Craig Bristow. Thank you for your high standard of professionalism and guidance. Would highly recommend MSA.

Vadim Dobrin Avatar Vadim Dobrin
August 15, 2022

Professional and efficient. High Calibre of instructors and very strict safety protocols. Felt safe and empowered. thank you to the Team

Carmela NP D'Arrigo Avatar Carmela NP D'Arrigo
August 15, 2021