Shop Terms and Conditions

  1. A 50% deposit of the course price or full payment by bank transfer or PayPal payment is needed to secure your booking.
  2. An alternative option to pay the balance of your course in USD on arrival is available, please make arrangement with us.
  3. Payments, registrations and waivers will be completed for the course/s on first day of training.
  4. Training manuals will be issued to you for the training, the training materials are yours to keep.
  5. A partial refund is possible if your circumstances change e.g. Family emergency.
  6. A refund for training must be done within 30 days.
  7. A 10% administration fee will be taken for cancellation of your booking.
  8. Alternatively, your course fees can be banked with us and you can attend at later date.
  9. The training is not transferable to another learner; each learner will have a set of learning materials with a unique learner number.
  10. No refunds once you have received training material and you are registered with us and your course has begun.
  11. The training material cannot be photo copied and must be completed with black pen.
  12. No cheating in exams or coping of the training materials will be tolerated.
  13. Each learner must complete open and closed book tests. Pass mark is 80%.
  14. 100% Attendance on the training and both theory and practical components must be achieved.
  15. The candidates will attend qualifications assessments, both theory and practical.
  16. MSA Certificates will only be issued if the learner’s portfolio is complete with all the evidence and payments have been received in full.
  17. In the event of you been found not yet competent or any appeals against Magnum Shooting Academy (M.S.A), you are welcome to attend a second re-assessment. The learner cannot hold payment back for non-performance or non-attendance. The learner cannot claim a re-assessment due to lack of attendance or lack of completing assignments.
  18. The training course/s you registered for must be completed within a 12-month period, if not completed, a penalty administration fee of R1250.00 will charged if the learner wishes to continue the training.  
  19. Should the learner/s not be found competent in any part of the firearm training:
    1. No refunds will be given, because of a non- competent result.
    1. It will remain the responsibility of the learner to follow up and book for additional training with M.S.A. for re-assessment.
    1. The second re-assessment is free. Third re-write R250.00 and Practical R500.00 per day.
    1. The only costs for second re-assessment to the client will be range fees, consumables, firearm hire and ammunition for the re-assessment.
    1. You are aware that the course has potential hazards as a practical component is completed on the shooting range.
    1. That the course will be performed at own risk and indemnifies M.S.A, and its employees, agents or assigns and hold them harmless against any claim.
    1. The learner has never been declared unfit to possess a firearm, or a firearm been confiscated from their possession or used in Illegal activity.
  20. It is the responsibility of the Client to cover all charges to affect the settlement of any invoices issued by Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa.
  21. Should Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa institute action against the learner pursuant to a breach of the learner of this agreement, then without prejudice to any other rights which may have Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa may recover from the learner all proven legal costs incurred by it, including party and party costs, tracing   fees and such collection commissions as Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa is obliged to pay its attorneys.
  • The learner attends the course and enters Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa  premises entirely at his / her / its own risk Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa  its employees, officers, agents shall under no circumstances be held liable for any injury, death, damages or loss of property suffered by any learner arising from any act, or omission by , its employees of Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa , officers, agents and the learner hereby irrevocably indemnifies Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa against such claims, loss or damages.
  • The learner undertakes to pay all costs of repairing, restoring or replacing any damage to any part of Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa property by any act, default, omission or neglect of the learner within 7 (seven) Days of receipt of an invoice from Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa.
  • If Magnum Shooting academy t/a MSA-South Africa is prevented by force majeure from complying with its obligations in terms of this agreement, then the learner shall have no claim of any nature whatsoever against Ipeleng arising out of its consequent failure to provide the services.
  • For the purposes of this clause, a force majeure shall, without limitation of the generality of the a foregoing, be deemed to include any act of God, pandemic, epidemic, strikes, lock outs, any labour / industrial actions,  fire, explosions, terrorist attacks, war (whether declared or not), civil war, coup d’état ,invasion, any hostile acts of foreign enemies, riot, civil insurrection, military uprising, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, flood, earthquake, lightning, action, intervention or decree of local or national government, interruption of services, such as water and electricity or any other cause beyond the  reasonable control of the party affected.

World Class training program with outstanding instructorship from James Bristow and Craig Bristow. Thank you for your high standard of professionalism and guidance. Would highly recommend MSA.

Vadim Dobrin Avatar Vadim Dobrin
August 15, 2022

Highly recommended! Magnum Shooting Academy is by far the best in the province. An amazing, professional and experienced team who offer the absolute best training from start to finish. I am extremely impressed with the training that both my husband and I received.

Jessica Whitson Avatar Jessica Whitson
December 15, 2022

Done the Tactical Course. Excellent is what I can say. The Instructors and Facilitator know their job and can answer all questions. Learned a lot and is very satisfied with the service👍👍👍

Riaan De Jager Avatar Riaan De Jager
August 15, 2022

Awesome class!!!

Craig Weitz Avatar Craig Weitz
August 15, 2020