MSA-South Africa Environment Policy

MSA Environment Policy – 2024

MSA is aware of our environmental footprint. Our day to day business and training does have an impact, so we want to make sure we make a difference.

MSA will always make a conscience effort to minimize our impact on the environment. MSA makes use of reducing or waste, the use of cardboard targets more than once. Recycle old cardboard targets that cannot be used anymore.

Using 3-D Target dummies in training / practise or shooting experiences to reduce cardboard target waste. MSA no longer offers water bottles to our learners in training, a water station to refill is available to our learners.

Recycling whatever and whenever we can, this includes sourcing, building, welding, cutting any material that we need from scrap sources before we purchase new.

Ammunition that is new or factory reloaded that is used for training and assessments, will include FMJ/ CMJ and other materials for bullets to reduce the lead exposure in the back stops of shooting ranges.

MSA is utilizing powder coated bullets to reduce the impact on backstops. Empty cases from the shooting ranges are returned to the factory and not melted down at a scrap yard. Once off plastic are not items, we use a much, but we use plastic boxes in all sizes to transport our goods instead.

MSA makes use of shooting ranges that manage their ranges in a responsible manner, safely removing bullets and lead content from the back stops and recycle this at accredited scrap yards.

We will look at any other avenues that we have not identified and will make suitable changes to reduce our footprint on our environment. In this time 2020, we have been aware of the impact of the waste the COVID-19 has produced e.g., masks, wet wipes etc, and are aware that this impact must be taken into account.

Thank you.

James Bristow – Director MSA

James is an exceptional trainer you definitely won't go wrong choosing Magnum Shooting Academy

Willem Coetzee Avatar Willem Coetzee
October 15, 2022

Attended 5 day with James. Great instructor. Shooting 15 meters with a G19.

Bryce Mahony Avatar Bryce Mahony
August 15, 2022

Professional and efficient. High Calibre of instructors and very strict safety protocols. Felt safe and empowered. thank you to the Team

Carmela NP D'Arrigo Avatar Carmela NP D'Arrigo
August 15, 2021

Thank you James and Craig, you presented a very well presented course and learned new skills.

Nico Le Roux Avatar Nico Le Roux
March 15, 2023