Alarm Systems

An alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company that can act to an alarm trigger, this can be an effective deterrent.

In the rural environment a siren/alarm on the roof that can be heard over a long distance and that can be activated by means of a switch/panic button in the house, is recommended.

A few switches/panic buttons in different rooms of the house should preferably be installed, as well as a panic remote that can be placed anywhere in the house or garden.

Examples of alarm systems:

  • Mechanical and/or electrical (purchased types)
  • Improvised systems
  • Threaded tins
  • Threaded pieces of iron
  • Gravel around window panes, pathways or around the home.
  • Obstacles that can make a noise when moved, metal sounds will wake you and the dogs.
  • Biological alarm Systems:
    • Small dogs inside of the house as early warning, and larger dogs to sleep outside. Dog training will never go un-noticed and will add value to your home and family life.
    • Geese
    • Ostriches

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Thank you James and Craig, you presented a very well presented course and learned new skills.

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March 15, 2023


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August 15, 2022

Brilliant experience. Educational, informative with a bunch of added fun. Thanks MSA 😊

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September 15, 2022

Awesome place and experience

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August 15, 2020