Alarm Systems

An alarm system, preferably connected to an armed response company that can act to an alarm trigger, this can be an effective deterrent.

In the rural environment a siren/alarm on the roof that can be heard over a long distance and that can be activated by means of a switch/panic button in the house, is recommended.

A few switches/panic buttons in different rooms of the house should preferably be installed, as well as a panic remote that can be placed anywhere in the house or garden.

Examples of alarm systems:

  • Mechanical and/or electrical (purchased types)
  • Improvised systems
  • Threaded tins
  • Threaded pieces of iron
  • Gravel around window panes, pathways or around the home.
  • Obstacles that can make a noise when moved, metal sounds will wake you and the dogs.
  • Biological alarm Systems:
    • Small dogs inside of the house as early warning, and larger dogs to sleep outside. Dog training will never go un-noticed and will add value to your home and family life.
    • Geese
    • Ostriches

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Awesome class!!!

Craig Weitz Avatar Craig Weitz
August 15, 2020

Done the Tactical Course. Excellent is what I can say. The Instructors and Facilitator know their job and can answer all questions. Learned a lot and is very satisfied with the service👍👍👍

Riaan De Jager Avatar Riaan De Jager
August 15, 2022

Highly recommended! Magnum Shooting Academy is by far the best in the province. An amazing, professional and experienced team who offer the absolute best training from start to finish. I am extremely impressed with the training that both my husband and I received.

Jessica Whitson Avatar Jessica Whitson
December 15, 2022

James and Craig are some of the best instructors I've trained with, shot Guys.

Romeo Hotel Avatar Romeo Hotel
April 15, 2023