Ten Modules
Two days per month
Certification and Awards
Relative to Sec 16 FCA and CPD Points




 Welcome and thank you for choosing MSA-South Africa for your preferred training provider, we are leading in our industry, you have found us not by chance.

MSA will make sure that our courses will change your life and give you the skills to survive the risks that you may encounter.

MSA- South Africa and the Instructors have years of experience in the firearm industry, Close protection and real-life shootings. This block programme is designed for the Urban Operator, which was developed from actual experiences and adapted for you. You are here attending this programme because you see your own protection as of the utmost importance.

This programme is one of our flag ship products that we offer to people that are serious about protection and survival in SA, this programme is hosted over 10 months.

We want to introduce ourselves and the team to you, our team has a combination of years of experience in the Military, Police, Tactical field, Security industry and Close Protection development. MSA- South Africa has been training since 2000. The team of instructors that will facilitate the training to you on this journey are qualified with the relevant organizations and they will dedicate their skills and knowledge to you in the safest way possible.

James Bristow the founding member and Head Director of training at MSA-South Africa, registered and qualified with some of the following organizations.

  • Assessor / Moderator / Verifier
  • International Firearms Training Counsellor
  • Close Protection Officer – Head of Operations MSA-South Africa Security Solutions
  • SASSETA // SAPS // P.F.T.C. // PSIRA / ASP USA //
  • Professional Tactical Firearms Instructor

Contact the MSA Team for more Urban Operator Information and registrations.

Mobile- 072 348 7555

Email: magnumsa@telkomsa.net


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Brilliant experience. Educational, informative with a bunch of added fun. Thanks MSA 😊

Magz Watson Avatar Magz Watson
September 15, 2022

Highly recommended! Magnum Shooting Academy is by far the best in the province. An amazing, professional and experienced team who offer the absolute best training from start to finish. I am extremely impressed with the training that both my husband and I received.

Jessica Whitson Avatar Jessica Whitson
December 15, 2022

Top Class firearm training institution and instructors - recommended for proficiency training for SAPS Competency certification and up to Instructor level and beyond.

Glenn Lambert Avatar Glenn Lambert
April 15, 2023

Professional and efficient. High Calibre of instructors and very strict safety protocols. Felt safe and empowered. thank you to the Team

Carmela NP D'Arrigo Avatar Carmela NP D'Arrigo
August 15, 2021