Safety Awareness

Personal Safety

  • Be crime conscious – be aware of crime opportunities at all times.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Know all emergency numbers.
  • Trust your instinct and your feelings, so many people know and then do nothing.
  • Avoid talking to strangers.
  • Avoid going onto a congested street where you cannot even walk properly that is where you will find criminals pick pocketing.
  • Avoid displaying valuables where criminals can see them.
  • Walk in well-lit busy streets and in a group, if possible.
  • Keep your cellular phone away from the public eye.
  • Walk with purpose, not looking at your phone, keep your eyes on the road ahead.
  • If approached, move to the opposite side of the street.
  • If followed, go to nearest shop or area with lights and or camera’s.

While Shopping

  • Never leave your bag or purse in your trolley in an open manner, close the bag properly and try or attach the strap to the handle of the trolley. Criminals love these easy targets.
  • Never leave your bag or wallet unattended on a shop counter – not even momentarily. Remember, that is when thieves pounce.
  • Beware of pickpockets and never keep your wallet in your back pocket.

At The ATM

  • Be alert and conscious of your surroundings when using the ATM.
  • Never give your card or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to anyone, for any reason.
  • Don’t write your PIN on the card or anything that is kept with the card.
  • Do not insert your card until asked to do so by the display screen.
  • Never use an ATM with a blank screen and, if the ATM is obscured from view or poorly lit, leave immediately and find another ATM.
  • Stand close to the ATM and use your body and hand as shield to make sure nobody sees you keying in your pin.
  • Also, make sure you keep your hand over the card slot to make sure nobody can swop or take your card.
  • Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM. You should be wary of strangers asking for help.
  • Criminals work in teams- one to distract you while the other steals your card or money.
  • If your card is retained (swallowed) by the ATM it is advisable to phone your bank toll free stop card line immediately and stop your card.
  • Never allow a bystander to call the toll-free stop card line on your behalf- they could be tricking you into thinking your card has been stopped.
  • Guards are placed at ATMs to discourage criminal activities and therefore cannot help you with transactions. If you need help, ask a bank official.
  • It is advisable to set a daily ATM withdrawal limit at your branch.

Explosions At ATMs

  • Explosions at Automated Tellers Machines (ATMs) are a new crime that reared its ugly head in 2006.
  • When approaching the ATM and it has been damaged, report to 10111 immediately in the following cases:
    • If an ATM has been damaged or if any unknown items protrude from it.
    • If smoke or flames are visible at or in the machine as this is a sure sign of a pending explosion, move away from the ATM immediately.
    • In case of suspicious activity/persons at or near an ATM
  • Once the charges have been activated there is nothing that can be done to deactivate the explosives.
  • Shrapnel and debris from an explosion can travel for several hundred metres.
  • People must be moved away as far as possible and take cover behind something solid, such as a building.

Safety Advice for Teenagers

  • Do not leave a party or social event with someone you do not know or have just met.
  • You have the right to say NO.
  • No one has the right to force you into sexual activity, no matter what your relationship with this person is.
  • This means no-one can force you to have sex, or to touch you in a sexual way without your consent, or force you to perform sexual activities you find unpleasant or humiliating.
  • Be open with your parents, female schoolteacher or your friend if you came across or were made to, or asked to have sexual intercourse with a man without your consent.
  • Never hitch-hike, Do not walk alone at night.
  • Do not accept an offer of a lift from anybody you don’t already know.
  • Remember it is not your fault if you are sexually assaulted.
  • Do not allow anyone to touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Be firm and clear and say NO! You have the right to do so.
  • At social events, do not leave your cold drinks or drinks unattended.
  • Ask friends to help you if you say NO!
  • Leave home and arrive in the group, stay in the group, don’t split up if possible.
  • Keep your phone charged and have all necessary numbers for emergency contacts to collect or drop off. Keep same spare cash to make a call or get a taxi etc.
  • Don’t keep quiet about anything that has happened, they will keep doing the same thing.

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Very Professional, informative and helpful.

miguel0720 Avatar miguel0720
August 15, 2021

James is an exceptional trainer you definitely won't go wrong choosing Magnum Shooting Academy

Willem Coetzee Avatar Willem Coetzee
October 15, 2022

Thank you James and Craig, you presented a very well presented course and learned new skills.

Nico Le Roux Avatar Nico Le Roux
March 15, 2023

Attended Tactical Course with MSA. Course content was excellent. Building upon layers of learning and applying key principals in a safe environment. Application and drills moving through the various skill sets provide a great foundation for further development. Thank you and highly recommended.

Carl Ward Avatar Carl Ward
August 15, 2021