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Driver Course

We provide our clients with a range of driving course from street wise driving to more advanced offensive driving course.



Street wise driving

This training provides a driver with the necessary skills to operate his vehicle in a cost-effective, safe and responsible manner on public roads. It also focuses on facilitating change of a mind set and attitude of a driver. If the mindset and attitude is not changed, the skills will not have an impact or influence on the trainees.

The basis of all the training programs is theoretical in-class sessions where aspects such as basic mechanics and dynamics of vehicles, driver fatigue, alcohol, responsibility and attitudes of drivers are covered.

The lecture is followed by practical defensive on-road driving which covers driving on urban and suburban roads after which drivers are exposed to a range of scenarios that require them to be in control of their vehicles in sudden changing road conditions.

Advanced driving course

The objective of our course is to create a more confident, alert and courteous driver by improving your general levels of awareness and skills. Confidence is established by improving your skills and increasing your level of understanding through practical guidance.

Alertness is created through an anticipative and defensive state of mind enabling you to respond in the correct instinctive manner to any hazardous driving situation. Courteousness is developed by recognizing your own and other vehicles limitations in a controlled environment.

Your training with Magnum Shooting Academy will deal extensively with real world defensive driving scenarios.

Defensive road driving

To negotiate safely with other road users and assist the driver in their reaction time in stopping their vehicle, calculating the amount of distance covered by the average driver on the road, this module will help the driver to react pro-actively towards any possible hazardous situations on the road.

Skidpan Training

Driver error is the reason for skids or loss of traction occurring. The first exercise covered is aquaplaning on the dynamic circular track. The rest of the day is spent on the skidpan where causes of skids, recognition of skids and skid control are covered. This is a necessity as the amount of accidents increases with rain and wet road conditions.

Dynamic Handling

Aspects such as straight line braking, controlled cornering, limitations of yourself and your vehicle, are typical aspects covered during this session. This module is presented on a track which consists of dry and wet road surfaces to emphasize the change in driving style that should be applied in different weather and road conditions.

Hijack Prevention

South African Hi-jack statistics are increasing, the need to obtain some form of defense has become extremely important. The means of defense for any driver is awareness and avoidance. Target hardening, preventative measures, state of readiness, reactive measures, etc. are only some of the topics covered during this presentation.

Offensive driving

These skills are facilitated to teach you to escape and evade a dangerous situation to exit and save your life from a life threatening situation.

This could include a road hazard, rock falls, land-slides, and road blocks either natural or man-made.

The possibility exists that a criminal element wanting to attack you and the contents of your vehicle does exist, they may simply want to stop your vehicle or disable your vehicle to rob/ Hi-Jack you. These easy manoeuvres will assist you in your escape and prevent loss of life.

Additional information

Who can attend Anyone with a valid Car Driver’s license – 08
Ladies and Gents that drive their family
Young drivers that need the confidence to drive those new cars
How many can attend – up to 12 candidates per course
Vehicle – It’s advised to bring your own so that you can understand your own mechanical functioning and electronics of your vehicle
Duration – 1-3 Days depending on your training needs or skills required


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