MSA Hi- Risk Firearm Training – Tactical Levels

MSA-South Africa offers our Hi-Risk Tactical training to security officers and CPO’s that need reality based training.



MSA-South Africa facilitates our Hi-Risk Tactical training to security officers and CPO’s that are seeking reality-based training.

12 Days of shooting Handgun and Rifle. Glock and AR Platform are preferable. You need a plate carrier and all the gear that you will use on an operation.

This standard is higher than and on par with some of the best Tactical teams out there. This is not an entry level course.


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A life changing experience dealing with these professional and caring people

Ian Kewley Avatar Ian Kewley
August 15, 2021

James is an exceptional trainer you definitely won't go wrong choosing Magnum Shooting Academy

Willem Coetzee Avatar Willem Coetzee
October 15, 2022

Attended Tactical Course with MSA. Course content was excellent. Building upon layers of learning and applying key principals in a safe environment. Application and drills moving through the various skill sets provide a great foundation for further development. Thank you and highly recommended.

Carl Ward Avatar Carl Ward
August 15, 2021

Very Professional, informative and helpful.

miguel0720 Avatar miguel0720
August 15, 2021