Close Protection Training

CPO / VIP Protection. MSA-South Africa offers the Close Protection training to the security industry and governments departments.


MSA-South Africa offers Close Protection training for the security industry. Low to Hi risk and CPO operations. Contact us for more information regarding the duration and cost.

It’s recommended that you already have completed the Intermediate firearms training. The Tactical unit standards are included in the CPO training. The tactical training is highly recommended as its essential firearm skills for the CPO, it forms part of the full Close Protection qualification. P.O.R (Price on Request).


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A life changing experience dealing with these professional and caring people

Ian Kewley Avatar Ian Kewley
August 15, 2021

Attended 5 day with James. Great instructor. Shooting 15 meters with a G19.

Bryce Mahony Avatar Bryce Mahony
August 15, 2022

Training is spot on, the guys are very patient and very understanding. I was shaky but they made feel at ease.

fani gift Avatar fani gift
November 15, 2022

Awesome class!!!

Craig Weitz Avatar Craig Weitz
August 15, 2020