Intermediate Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine


MSA-South Africa training to a higher level of proficiency than the basic course and is a requirement for Security Personnel




MSA-South Africa training is a higher level of proficiency than the basic training. This unit standard is a requirement for Security Personnel, Anti-Poaching units and members of official institutions. This course focuses on a higher standard of shooting and includes sling work and firearm transition drills, dealing with malfunctions and shooting against time limits. On this course you will shoot approximately 100 to 150 rounds of ammunition.

This course is aligned with Unit Standard 123511 – Handle and use a Self-loading Rifle or carbine for Business purposes.


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Great introductory shooting experience. Trying a variety of weapons. Very professional, thank you to James and Craig for the awesome day out.

Tayla Terblanche Avatar Tayla Terblanche
December 15, 2022

James and Craig are some of the best instructors I've trained with, shot Guys.

Romeo Hotel Avatar Romeo Hotel
April 15, 2023

Well done Instructors

James Bristow Avatar James Bristow
August 15, 2020

Professional and helpful . for people of all skill levels professional team with experienced and high caliber instructors

Owen Cook Avatar Owen Cook
August 15, 2022